Werner Schriefers& Hinerk Scheper, original Bauhaus wallpaper

Werner Schriefers & Hinnerk Scheper
Original Bauhaus Wallpaper with five different decors.
Tapetenfabrik Rasch, Bramsche, Germany 1949-1956
Ink on paper, several lengths available.
Marked repetitively on one side with ‘Bauhuas and the number of the decor.



Hannes Meyer, the director of the art school Das Bauhaus in Germany, came into contact with wallpaper manufacturer Emil Rash in the late 1920s. Rasch made a proposal to Meyer: Das Bauhaus would supply twelve wallpaper designs for Rasch. Each design in five shades. Meyer agreed and a design competition in which all students could participate followed. The winning designs were produced by Rasch in 1930.



After the Second World War, the production of Bauhaus wallpaper was restarted in 1949 with old decors on old wood-containing paper from before the war.

The decors b1320 (yellow) and b1323 (orange) show a lot of resemblance  with the decors b8 and b17 of the early 1930s and probably belong to these first post-war editions on the old stock of pre-war paper.

In 1951 the collection was expanded and modernized – again – under the direction of Hinnerk Scheper. The decors b1434 and b1441 probably belong to this generation of decors.



Two pieces of wallpaper with decors b1320 and b1323 from our collection were on display at the exhibition ‘Nederland<->Bauhaus’ at the museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam in 2019.



Magdalena Drost, ‘Bauhuas Archief’, Taschen 1994.
Bauhaus tapete-reklame & Erfolg einer marke, Dumont 1995.

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