W.H. Gispen, Giso Chandelier 55a

W.H.Gispen (1890-1981)

Giso Chandelier Sociëteit De Witte
Rotterdam, Gispen’s N.V. 1930

Large original custom made Giso chandelier, chrome plated cast iron with brass shackles. Opal glass balloon 35 cm, surrounded by three frosted glass reflector discs with bright edges, Diameter upper glass shade: 86 cm., length 155 cm.

Ad van den Bruinhorst, Marthe Kes, André Koch, Mienke Simon Thomas, ‘Gispen specials’, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2016, cat.nr. 11, pag. 66,67; Giso catalogue no. 29, Gispen’s N.V. , 1931 Rotterdam; André Koch, ‘Gispen serieproducten 1923-1960’, publisher De Hef, Rotterdam 2005, p. 47 t/m 49.

‘Gispen Specials’, exhibition celebrating the centennial of Gispen, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, 2016-2017 Rotterdam.
‘PAN Amsterdam’ VAN DEN BRUINHORST, 2016 Amsterdam.

Antiques dealer London, England.
Private collector, The Netherlands.



This model was first shown to the public around 1930 in a room of  ‘the Littéraire Societeit De Witte’, a distinguished gentlemen’s society  in the Hague. The imposing lamps formed a striking part of the new modernized interior of the society. From 1930 on,  smaller versions made out of nickel plated brass instead of cast iron were shown in the regular Giso catalogues. The custom made lamps, such as the lamps for the gentlemen’s society and the lamps here on offer, differ from these consumer versions in;  measurements, construction details and used materials. This gives them a more industrial appearance than their successors shown in the Giso catalogues.


Gentlemen’s Society ‘De Witte’ The Hague ca.1930


Only four copies of the custom made Giso 55a are known to exist today. All four of them were part of our collection. Earlier on we sold one to the Gentlemen’s society ‘De Witte’ in The Hague so it could return to the building it was designed for. We sold the other two lamps to private collectors, leaving one lamp available.


One of our four copy’s was on temporary loan, to be shown at the exhibition ‘Gispen specials’ in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam 2016-2017.


One of our four copy’s was extended (reversible) and mounted in the villa of its new owners.


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