Saturnuslamp, Giso No.66/2055

W.H. Gispen (1890-1981)
Saturnuslamp, Giso No.2055, 1931
N.V. Gispen, Culemborg The Netherlands 1945-1957



Matted brass nickel-plated pendant with an opal glass sphere and two frosted glass discs with bright edges. Dim.: 105 x 60 cm.

This design was introduced in catalogue 29 as no. 66 in 1931, changed to no. 2055 in 1936, later on the pendant was called ‘ Saturnuslamp’ which means ‘Saturn-lamp’. The possibility to move around the world at high speed in cars, planes, trains but also rockets and space traveling have been an inspiration for designers while creating futuristic designs at the beginning of the 20thcentury. W.H. Gispen designed a lamp with two glass disks around an opal glass sphere that looks like the planet Saturn.



Versions, details, replica’s:

‘ Saturnuslamp’. Giso No.66/2055 is executed from 1931 to 1957, during this period some details of the lamp changed. This version was made in the period from 1945 to 1957. Later-on in the nineteen-eighties and nineteen-ninetees replica’s were made, it takes a trained eye to recognize the differences between the originals and the replica’s. Original examples like the one here on offer are very rare and appear seldom on the market.




W.H. Gispen, Giso Catalogue 29, Gispen’s N.V. 1931, p.37.; André Koch, ‘W.H. Gispen Serieproducten 1923-1960’, De HEF Publishers 2005, p.48-52.



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