Joost Baljeu 'Synthesistische constructie W III (2c.d)'

Joost Baljeu (1925-1991)

Synthesistische constructie W III (2c.d), 1958.
Oilpaint on Plywood
29 x 29 x 10 cm
Signed and dated 1958 verso.



Joost Baljeu was an influencial Dutch artist who worked in many diciplines. His work can be seen as a continuation of ‘De Stijl’, the aestetic movement that was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by artists like Mondriaan and Van der Leck. In the 1950’s he started to make wall-reliefs, first he made small ones as a sort of prototype for larger versions which he executed later-on. During his lifetime he didn’t sold these small ‘babies’ as he called them.

The work here on offer is one of these early ‘Babies’. He later on made a larger version in commision of museum Boijmans van Beuningen. who purchased it in 1966.



‘ Joost Baljeu’,  Haags gemeentemuseum, The Hague, December 13, 1975- February 14, 1976.
‘ Joost Baljeu ‘  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, April 13-May 26, 1991.



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Heir Joost Baljeu
private collection Netherlands
Gallery Madelon Eekels, Blaricum.



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