Tentoonstelling Gispen Specials, "De klant is koning"

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam 2016-2017

Exhibition ‘Gispen Specials, 1916-2016’
Curator: Mienke Simon Thomas

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam celebrated the centennial 100 years Gispen by organizing the exhibition: ‘Gispen Specials’


Preparations were made at the museum in September.

Photo: one of the masterpieces of the exhibition is being photographed ; a spectacular chandelier of almost 4 meters length, which we have restored in our Gallery at the request of the owner.

We wrote four chapters of the exhibition catalogue which was published by the museum Boijmans as a booklet.

Authors; Mienke Simon Thomas, Marthe kes, André Koch, Silvia van Schaik, Berber Vos, Ad van den Bruinhorst.
The booklet is sold out!

At the opening Saturday September 10; a meeting between the Gispen experts André Koch, Silvia van Schaik, Ad van den Bruinhorst and senior curator Mienke Simon Thomas.

An impression of the first day of the exhibition;