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Exhibitions, Fairs and Museum Activities


‘Typotekt Interior’
Piet Zwart, the church and tubular steel furniture

Publisher: Scriptum Art Schiedam

Corneel van den Bruinhorst, Art Historian
Ad van den Bruinhorst, specialist Dutch Modernism


We are delighted to announce our new publication “Typotekt Interior” coming soon!

The results of our research on the intriguing interior pieces, made of brightly colored gas pipes with grids of rebar, motivated us to work on this publication.

The objects were part of the interior of “The First Church of Christ Scientist” in The Hague, a church designed in 1924-1925 by H.P. Berlage for which Piet Zwart designed the majority of the interior.

The absence of a description of the room in which these objects were situated and the fact that the objects are not mentioned at all in existing literature about the church and Piet Zwart’s role in this project demanded archival research.

In commission of the gallery, Corneel van den Bruinhorst executed this research. She used the resulted in her bachelor thesis in Art History at Leiden University. Her discoveries lead to remarkable new insights about these objects, the interior, and the designer. This inspired us to work on a publication in which we present our results of this layered research.

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Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Houston Texas USA, May 2020

The Museum purchased an Egg Cup Set of pressed Glass
designed by the Dutch designers and architects Piet Zwart and H.P. Berlage from our collection.


Zwart was commissioned by Berlage to design a series of tableware that could be produced of pressed glass. He came up with a design that had a special system of measurements and lots of standardized parts



Executed by Glasfabriek (Glass factory) Leerdam , The Netherlands, 1924.
Marked on the backside of the saucer ‘HPB’ (H.P. Berlage)

PAN Amsterdam 2019
November 24 up until December 1

We hope we met you at our booth at PAN Amsterdam, one of the finest fairs in the Netherlands showing high end objects of Arts, Antiques and Design.

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Ramakers Gallery
The Hague, The Netherlands, May 19 – June 23, 2019.

‘Bauhaus & Beyond’

Ramakers Gallery asked us to participate in the exhibition ‘Bauhaus & Beyond’.

We contributed by showing original Bauhaus furniture and lighting, designed by Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer, Anton Lorentz and a beautiful small sculptural relief from Joost Baljeu.

Photo: 2019 studio Bob Bonies, showing chairs of Anton Lorentz and Marcel Breuer in front of a large work of Bonies. Bart van Bussel Photography in commission of Ramakers.

Ramakers Gallery invited a number of artists who feel connected to Bauhaus;

Joost Baljeu
Willy de Sauter
Jan van Munster
Cor van Dijk
Tomas Rajlich
Bob Bonies
Reinoud Oudshoorn
Dominique Dehais
Jérôme Touron

Photo Impression >

Voorlinden Museum
Wassenaar, The Netherlands, June 2019

The museum purchased a child’s chair and table made of tubular steel designed by the Dutch designer and manufacturer W.H. Gispen in 1934, together with modernist child toys designed by Vilmos Huszar and Ko Verzuu form our collection

The items were on display at the exhibition ‘Bauhaus&Beyond’ at Ramakers Gallery in The Hague

Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Houston Texas USA, May 2019.

The museum purchased a very early and rare Giso lighting catalogue from 1928, from our collection.

These early catalogues are not only interesting because of the overview shown inside of various lamps made in 1928. They are also considered as important examples of early modernist typography and of the first use of photography in advertisements and commercial booklets.

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, may 2019.

The museum invited us to lecture to a group of international specialists at the last day of the exhibition ‘Nederland/Bauhaus’, about our research and upcoming publication ‘Typotect Interior’

A very interesting day allowing the guests to have a last look at the exhibition while discussing several new facts and developments concerning a number of objects on display.

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 9-May 26, 2019

Exhibition ‘Nederland<-> Bauhaus’

Curator: Senior curator Mienke SimonThomas.

Our contributions;

We gave loans of important Dutch Modernist furniture from our collection.
And we gave advise about Dutch Modernist lamps and arrange loans from collectors/clients

Nederland Bauhaus, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen >

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands February 2019

The museum purchased this pendant Giso No.22 from our collection. The lamp was on display at the exhibition ‘Nederland<->Bauhaus’ and was one of the highlighted objects in the publicity campaign.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Amsterdam 2018

The museum purchased a pair of identical Tubular steel easy chairs designed by Marcel Breuer for Thonet from our collection. Very early original examples that were bought by a Dutch family in the Thonet store in the centre of Amsterdam in 1931.

One of the chairs will probably be on display at the museum next year when we celebrate the centennial of Das Bauhaus.

PAN Amsterdam 2018 >

Exhibition ‘A Centennial of Modernism’
Curator: Ad van den Bruinhorst

Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, 2017-2018 >

Exhibition ‘Powermask’
Curator: The Belgian Fashion designer
Walter van Beirendonck

On display from our collection;
Gerrit Rietveld Steltmanstoel with a creation of fashion designers Victor&Rolf




PAN Amsterdam 2017 >

Exhibition ‘De Stijl 1917-2017’
Curator: Ad van den Bruinhorst

PAN Amsterdam
November 2017

Exhibition ‘Hotel Panorama’
The eclectic interior from the lobby of an imaginary grand hotel
Curator: Piet de Jonge

On display from our collection; Two easy chairs designed by Paul Schuitema. We sold the chairs to a visitor of the exhibition

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam 2017

The museum purchased a very early dining chair > designed by the Dutch designer Paul Schuitema from our collection.


Schuitema, also known for his modernist typographic works, was co-founder of the Rotterdam based company d3 who produced the chair.

Design Miami/Basel, Basel 2017 >

Exhibition ‘Design at Large’
Retrospective of desk designs
Curator: The American fashion designer
Thom Browne

On display from our collection;
A black wooden desk with tubular steel frame and a matching chair and desk lamp from our collection.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Amsterdam 2016


The museum purchased an important
cantilever tubular chair > from our collection.

An experimental version, with a frame
that is reinforced with parts of bamboo, upholstered with paper cord with geometric pattern.

PAN Amsterdam 2016 >

‘Gispen 1916-2016’
Curator: Ad van den Bruinhorst

Two-Day DesignSymposium, PAN Podium
Amsterdam 2016

VAN DEN BRUINHORST Gallery organized
and hosted a two-day design-symposium at a new interactive space called PAN Podium at the art fair PAN Amsterdam.


Morning program;
Exhibition of furniture and lighting from the collections of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and VAN DEN BRUINHORST Gallery
Curator: Ad van den Bruinhorst

Afternoon program;
Lectures from:
Ludo van Halem, curator Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Mienke Simon Thomas, curator Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Hetty Berens, curator ‘Hous Sonneveld’, HNI
Ad van den Bruinhorst, Specialist Dutch Modernism

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, 2016-2017 >

Exhibition ‘Gispen Specials, 1916-2016’
Curator: Mienke Simon Thomas

Our contributions:
We gave loans of furniture and large chandeliers from our collection
We restored an important large chandelier from a corporate collection which was a loan to the exhibition.
We advised concerning objects from the interwar period
We arranged loans from collectors/clients
We wrote four chapters of the exhibition catalogue

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2016 >
Publishing of the book/exhibition catalogue
‘Gispen specials’

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Ad van den Bruinhorst
Marthe Kes
Adré Koch
Silvia van Schaik
Mienke Simon Thomas
Berber Vos

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 2016 >

‘Gispen 100 jaar’
Curator: Ludo van Halem

Our contribution:
All objects on display were purchased by the Rijksmuseum from our collection.

Rotterdam 2016
Het Nieuwe Instituut (HNI) ‘Sonneveld House’ >

Ongoing exhibition;
‘Sonneveld House’
Functionalist Interior inside an iconic modernist house designed by the architects Brinkman&vanderVlugt
Curator: Hetty Berens

Our contribution;
While researching a set of tubular steel furniture, we found proof that this was the original custom-made furniture from the salon of ‘Sonneveld House’ in 1932 >.

HNI purchased the furniture from our collection. After restoration; the two easy chairs and matching table returned to the salon of ‘House Sonneveld’ to be shown to the public.

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
House Sonneveld, HNI
Rotterdam October 9, 2016

Special members day with lectures from experts and the curators of both Institutes

Our contribution;
Short lectures about the returning of the original furniture from ‘House Sonneveld’
by Ad van den Bruinhorst

Houston, Texas USA 2016

Museum of Fine Arts Houston >

The MFAH wanted to purchase a small European modernist lamp for their collection and asked us to do some suggestions.

The museum purchased a small piano lamp designed by the Dutch Architect J.J.P. Oud from our collection. This lamp became an icon of constructivist design and is also seen as a representative of the Dutch movement ‘De Stijl’

PAN Amsterdam 2015 >

Exhibition: Black Cube
Curator: Ad van den bruinhorst

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam 2014

The museum purchased a Dutch tubular steel chair > from our collection.

Very rare example with original red lacquered armrests and Eisengarn upholstery

The chair was made by a well-known Dutch firm (Auping) but the design is very untypical Dutch

PAN Amsterdam 2014 >

Exhibition: Gerrit Th. Rietveld
Curator: Ad van den Bruinhorst

PAN Amsterdam 2011

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Amsterdam 2011

At PAN Amsterdam;

the Rijksmuseummuseum purchased an iconic Dutch modernist ‘Giso’ pendant > from our collection.

Alongside the lamp the museum also purchased a small modular sideboard > designed by W.H. Gispen from our collection.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
November 2010

At the opening of PAN Amsterdam a special chair from our collection; an adjustable aluminum airplane seat > was purchased by the Rijksmuseum.

This became national news.

PAN Amsterdam 2009

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam 2009


The museum purchased a rare tubular steel easy chair > designed by the architect J.J.P. Oud from our collection.

Pan Amsterdam 2008

Exhibition: first ever Design-pavilion at PAN Amsterdam